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Infrastructure projects
  • Elimination of restrictions under Article 25 of the land Act: Relaxes
    restrictions on disposition of government-owned land, creation of
    encumbrances, or leases longer then 10 years.
  • Elimination of restrictions under Article 28 of the National Property Act and
    Local Government Property Management Act: Relaxation of restrictions on
    the disposition of government-owned property or the collection of benefits
    from it.
  • Elimination of restrictions under Article 270, Subparagraph 1 of the
    Company Act: Relax restrictions on the issuance of new shares by private
  • Elimination of restrictions under Article 247, Article 249, Subparagraph 2
    and Article 250, Subparagraph 2 of the Company Act: Relax restrictions on
    the issuance of corporate bonds by private institutions.
  • The authority-in-charge may, in the case of incapacity to cover the portion of
    costs for self-financing, subsidize part of the interest accrued from the loan
    needed by the private institution or to invest in part of the construction.
  • The authority-in-charge may co-ordinate with financial institutions or special
    funds to provide medium- or long-term financing to the private institution.
Preferential Land
  • Where the land required for the infrastructure project is government-owned
    land, rentals in connection with the lease and the creation of superficies may
    be extended on favorable terms.
Major infrastructure projects *
Expropriation of
Private-Owned Land
  • The authority in-change may expropriate the land and provide it for use by
    the private institution.
Tax incentives
  • Exemption from business income fax for five years.
  • Investment tax credit of capital expenditures.
  • Preferential customer duties on imported machinery and equipment.
  • Reduction or exemption of the building tax,land value tax,and deeds tax.
  • Investment tax credits of subscriptions of shares issued by the private
Loan Credits
  • Relaxation of restriction on line of credit of loans provided to private institutions (only for major transportation projects).
* "Major infrastructure projects" refers to those infrastructure projects which are important and with
certain scale. The scope of the major infrastructure projects shall be determined by the competent
authority in conjunction with the relevant authorities.