Golden Thumb Awards for PPP


Award List

Awards for the Private Team - Honorable Mention Award

1. Featuring the very characteristics of Shihding as the start, the Project creates a comfortable rest and shopping environment, improves the service area facilities and dining environment space, provides excellent quality services to the passers-by and further boosts the development of Shihding area.
2. It renders friendly services such as safe dining and pet parks, and also provides small-scale farmer stalls and special internship opportunities.

National Freeway No.5 Shihding Service Area Operate-Transfer

Related Laws and Regulations Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects
Sectors of Infrastructure Project Transportation Facilities
Models of Private Participation OT
Private Investment Amount
(NT$ Billion)
Contract Date 2017/04/28
Concession Period From 2017/09/01 To 2023/08/31
Operation Period From 2017/09/01 To 2023/08/31
Private Institution Taiwan Family Co., Ltd.
Authority in Charge Freeway Bureau,MOTC