Golden Thumb Awards for PPP


Award List

Awards for the Private Team - Honorable Mention Award

1. This Project revitalizes historic charms, gives full play to the benefits of the restoration of historic sites, preserves the special historical and cultural implications where it creates significant commercial benefits.
2. The Project assists the organizer in placement of the existing workforce, optimizes the quality of catering service and operation spaces. It becomes an attractive gathering venue for the general public during their leisure time and for social get-togethers.
3. It creates the Yago Studio and sells out-of-date books and sponsors book fairs through OUTLET Bookstore, demonstrating remarkable innovative characteristics and creativity.

The R.O.T. of the Taipei Municipal Monuments of Japanese Colonial-era Taiwan Military Commander’s Former Residence (Army Association)

Related Laws and Regulations Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects
Sectors of Infrastructure Project Education Facilities
Models of Private Participation ROT
Private Investment Amount
(NT$ Billion)
Contract Date 2016/11/25
Concession Period From 2017/01/01 To 2021/12/31
Operation Period From 2018/01/01 To 2021/12/31
Private Institution Yago Cultural & Creative Inc.
Authority in Charge Army Command Headquarters, MND