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History of Announcement

Number of Announcement Times Announcement Type Posting Date Closing Date
1 Selection Results 2022/08/08
  Change or Supplemental Announcement(No.1) 2022/06/21 2022/07/04
  Invitation to Tender 2022/05/16 2022/07/04

Modification/ Supplementary Announcement

Modification/ Supplementary Details as attached

Basic Information

Project Number 1110126-001
Number of Announcement Times 1
Related Laws and Regulations Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects
Major Infrastructure Project Yes
Applicable to Treaty/Protocol No
Project Name BTO Project of Kaohsiung City Qiaotou Reclaimed Water with Private Participation
Authority in Charge Kaohsiung City Government
Address of the Authority in Charge No. 2, Sihwei 3rd Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City
Authorized/Entrusted Authorized
Entrusted Institution Water Resources Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government
The Address of Entrusted Institution No.132, Section 2, Guangfu Road, Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City
The Provision of Authorized Institution Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects
The Matters of Authorized Institution All
Sectors of Infrastructure Project Sewerage-The reclaimed water facilities associated with the sewers and affiliated facilities reserved for the treatment of household and industrial wastewater
Models of Private Participation BTO(with compensation) :The private institution invests in the building of the infrastructure project and upon completion of the building
transfers the ownership to the government with or without compensation. The government then commissions the operation of the infrastructure project to the same private institution. Upon expiration of the operation period
the right to operate reverts back to the government.
Date of Public Hearing (In Accordance with Article 6-1 of the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastrucure Projects) 2021/11/01
Date of Feasiblilty Assesment (In Accordance with Article 6-1 of the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastrucure Projects) 2021/12/29
The character, basic requirements, concession period and scope of the infrastructure project This project includes Intake system,Sewage treatment system(expand to 50,000 CMD), Reclaimed water treatment system (30,000CMD) and Transmission System,which is required to supply 30,000CMD reclaimed water to the manufacturers in Nanzih Industrial Park.
The Concession Period 18 Years 0 months
The Scope for the Ancillary Enterprises Allowed for Private Investment Yes
Description The development and operation of the ancillary enterprises specified shall be conducted for the purposes of improving the financial feasibility of overall infrastructure project, improving the quality of public services or effectively utilizing the land needed for the infrastructure project. Conform to Regulations of Multi-use for Public Facilities Land in Urban Planning Area and related laws. The operating period shall not exceed the Concession Period of the original contract.
The ceiling amount of the total expenses for the zone/section expropriating
The means, limit and adjustment mechanism of the subsidies for operating performance
The Qualification Requirements for the Applicant For details, please refer to Article 3.1~3.3 of the Instructions for Application
Evaluation Items and Criteria For details, please refer to Appendix III of the Instructions for Application
Items Awating Negotiation No
The Method and Place to Obtain Application Document Download from the website.
Application Document Fee and the Method of Payment free
The Method and Place to Submit Application Document For details, please refer to Article 3.6 of the Instructions for Application. Civil Service Ethics Office of the Water Resources Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government (Fongshan Administration Center 132, Sec.2, Guangfu Rd., Fongshan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 830)
Application Deposit 45,000,000
Does the Announcement Document Make Public the List of the Selection Committee? Yes
Change the Procedure if Any Major Obligation or Right Listed in the Public Notice ? No
Change Procedure



Contact Information

Name Wu,Hai-Hsiang
Phone 07-7995678#2566
Fax 07-7472806