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History of Announcement

Number of Announcement Times Announcement Type Posting Date Closing Date
2 Selection Results 2021/10/22
  Change or Supplemental Announcement(No.1) 2021/09/22 2021/10/18
  Invitation to Tender 2021/09/17 2021/10/18
1 Selection Results 2021/08/24
  Change or Supplemental Announcement(No.1) 2021/06/23 2021/08/20
  Invitation to Tender 2021/06/22 2021/08/20

Modification/ Supplementary Announcement

Modification/ Supplementary update

Basic Information

Project Number 1100401-002
Number of Announcement Times 2
Related Laws and Regulations Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects
Major Infrastructure Project Yes
Applicable to Treaty/Protocol No
Project Name Rehabilitate-operate-transfer(ROT) of Luodong Transfer Station in Yilan County
Authority in Charge Yilan County Government
Address of the Authority in Charge No.1, Xianzheng N. Rd., Yilan City, Yilan County, Taiwan
Authorized/Entrusted None
Sectors of Infrastructure Project Transportation facilities-Transfer hubs
Models of Private Participation ROT:The private institution invests in the extension
reconstruction and/or repair of an existing infrastructure
and operates the infrastructure. Upon expiration of the operation period
the right to operate reverts to the government.
OT:The private institution operates an infrastructure built with investment from the government. Upon expiration of the operation period
the right to operate reverts to the government.
Date of Public Hearing (In Accordance with Article 6-1 of the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastrucure Projects) 2016/11/30
Date of Feasiblilty Assesment (In Accordance with Article 6-1 of the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastrucure Projects) 2017/02/07
The character, basic requirements, concession period and scope of the infrastructure project The habitude of public building plan: traffic construction Basic format: detailed investment document Annex 9 range of public building plan: 2 plots of land located at No. 94 and No. 95, Section 2, Dongrong, Luodong Town, Yilan County, with a total area of approximately 1.5234 hectares (subject to actual delivery).
The Concession Period 50 Years 0 months
The Scope for the Ancillary Enterprises Allowed for Private Investment Yes
Description Reference Chapter 10 of the Draft Investment Contract
The ceiling amount of the total expenses for the zone/section expropriating
The means, limit and adjustment mechanism of the subsidies for operating performance
The Qualification Requirements for the Applicant Reference NO.4.1 of the Investment Document
Evaluation Items and Criteria 1. Private organization planning and organizational structure 10% 2. Land use plan and additional construction plan 25% 3. Operation plan for transfer stations and affiliated businesses 30% 4. Financial plan (if investment funds include financial institution financing, a financial institution financing intention letter is required) 20% 5. Quotation of fixed premium 10% 6. Innovation and feedback plan 5%
Items Awating Negotiation No
The Method and Place to Obtain Application Document This case can be downloaded from the Internet as an electronic file attached to this announcement. For details, please refer to the Ministry of Finance's Promotion of Private Participation in Public Construction Information Website/Investment Information/Inquiries about all cases of participation in the promotion announcement at
Application Document Fee and the Method of Payment No
The Method and Place to Submit Application Document 1. Applicants should submit application documents in accordance with the provisions of this investment promotion document, and apply after sealing. The outside of the envelope should state the applicant's name, address, and the project number or name. 2. The application documents must be delivered by post or by hand before 17:00 on October 18, 110, Republic of China to the following receiving location: Yilan County Government General Collection Office (No. 1, County Zhengbei Road, Yilan City, Yilan County), late Not entertained. 3. All application documents submitted by the applicant will not be returned regardless of the review result.
Application Deposit 10,000,000
Does the Announcement Document Make Public the List of the Selection Committee? Yes
Change the Procedure if Any Major Obligation or Right Listed in the Public Notice ? No
Change Procedure



Contact Information

Name Hui-Shine-Chiang
Phone 03-9251000#3820