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History of Announcement

Number of Announcement Times Announcement Type Posting Date Closing Date
1 Change or Supplemental Announcement(No.3) 2022/07/08 2022/07/18
  Change or Supplemental Announcement(No.2) 2022/06/15 2022/07/18
  Change or Supplemental Announcement(No.1) 2022/06/02 2022/07/18
  Soliciting Private Investors 2022/06/02 2022/07/18
  Policy Announcements 2021/10/26 2021/11/25

Modification/ Supplementary Announcement

Modification/ Supplementary Amend the investment invitation documents, please refer to the attached description for details

Basic Information

Project Number 1101025-004
Number of Announcement Times 1
Related Laws and Regulations Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects
Major Infrastructure Project Yes
Applicable to Treaty/Protocol No
Project Name The BOT Project of Parking Tower (Parking Lot No.3) in Zhongli District, Taoyuan City
Authority in Charge Taoyuan City Government
Address of the Authority in Charge No. 1, Xianfu Road, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City
Authorized/Entrusted Authorized
Entrusted Institution Department of Transportation, Taoyuan City Government
The Address of Entrusted Institution 8F,No.1.Xianfu Rd.,Taoyuan Dist. ,Taoyuan City 330206(R.O.C)
The Provision of Authorized Institution Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects
The Matters of Authorized Institution implement the process of BOT project
Sectors of Infrastructure Project Transportation facilities-Parking lots
Models of Private Participation BOT:The private institution invests in the building and operation of the infrastructure project
and upon expiration of the operation period
transfers the ownership to the government.

Information on Soliciting Private Investors

Origin and Purpose The BOT Project of Parking Tower (Parking Lot No. 3) in THSR Taoyuan Station Special district, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City
Summary of Planning and Preliminary Review Result The main policy requirement of this case is to build and operate a parking tower. It should provide at least 220 public parking spaces. The applicant's planning direction is to build a living settlement, provide innovation and entrepreneurship space, demonstrate smart application, gather international talents, and improve the quality of public facilities and services. By providing exhibitions, humanities, commercial services, and office space fields, the space is innovated and sustainable in an innovative and sustainable way, and it has the functions of interpretation, training, performance, research and development, and experience. The main planning is four facilities: parking space, commercial space, shopping mall space and public space. This case was approved on December 8, 110 and the planning concept was passed.
Date of Public Hearing (In Accordance with Article 6-1 of the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastrucure Projects) 2022/06/15
Date of Feasiblilty Assesment (In Accordance with Article 6-1 of the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastrucure Projects)
Allow to Use the Basic Information of Land Land No.430, Qingsheng section, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City. Land area is 4,477.59 ㎡.
The Concession Period 50 Years 0 months
Minimun Result/ Benefits (1)Public parking spaces: at least 220 parking spaces(Excluding the parking spaces of ancillary enterprises). (2)Parking spaces for pregnant women and those with children under the age of six, barrier-free parking spaces, and parking spaces for low-carbon vehicles, etc., shall comply with the Protection of Children and Youths Welfare and Rights Act, People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act, Taoyuan City's self-government ordinances of the Development of Low-Carbon Green City, and other relevant laws and regulations.
The Scope for the Ancillary Enterprises Allowed for Private Investment Yes
Description 1.The investment of ancillary enterprises from private institution shall act in line with the tender document, concession agreement and relevant laws and regulations, and approved by the competent authorities. 2.The concession period of ancillary enterprises and major businesses shall be the same.
The Qualification Requirements for the Applicant 1.Basic Qualifications:General Qualification: The applicant shall be a single applicant, or a cooperative alliance composed of two (including) companies that meet the requirements of this Notice in a joint cooperation manner. 2.Financial Qualifications: (1)Applicants who apply in the form of single applicant, the paid in capital should not be less than NTD 100 million. (2)Pay business tax and profit-seeking income tax (or tax‑free certificate). (3)No record of bounced checks or major credit losses in the past three years. (4)If the applicant is an insurance company, its capital adequacy ratio shall not be lower than 250%.
Evaluation Items and Criteria 1.The review process is divided into two phases: (1) Qualification review and (2) Comprehensive review. 2.The evaluation items in comprehensive review are as follows: (1) Project goals, development concepts, and plans for private institution, (2) Land utilization and construction plan, (3) Operation plan, (4) Financial Plan, (5) Innovation and Feedback plan, (6) Presentation and Q&A session. 3.The Applicant shall read the Chapter 6 of this Tender Document in detail.
Items Awating Negotiation No
Others none
The Method and Place to Obtain Application Document Download the application documents from the website of Promotion of Private Participation, Ministry of Finance (
Application Document Fee and the Method of Payment Free
The Method and Place to Submit Application Document Applicant should submit the application documents by post or in person to Department of Transportation, Taoyuan ( 8F, No.1, Xianfu Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330026, Taiwan (R.O.C.)) before July 16, 2022.
Application Deposit 10,000,000
Does the Announcement Document Make Public the List of the Selection Committee? Yes
Change the Procedure if Any Major Obligation or Right Listed in the Public Notice ? Yes
Change Procedure none



Contact Information

Name Jian, Shiue-Nian
Phone 03-3322101分機6866、6867
Fax 03-3342104