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    • Public viewingNEW Private Participation in Public Projects reaches a record high in 2022... Department for the Promotion of Private Participation, MOF

      The statistics for private participation in public construction in 2022 have been released! The total number of contracts signed was 139, with the value totaling NT$282.8 billion. The contract amount marks the highest in history. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications ranked first, benefiting greatly from obtaining “Development and Management Project of Business Development Area in Taoyuan HSR Station” with NT$27.3 billion, the total contract amount of NT$50.3 billion. The Ministry of Economic Affairs ranked second with NT$8.9 billion. Among the six special municipalities, Kaohsiung City ranked first due to the “The Urban Land Renew of Kaohsiung Multi-functional Commerce & Trade Park (North Base)“ with NT$39.7 billion, and the total contract amount of NT$70.8 billion, while Taipei City followed in second with NT$54.9 billion. Among the other counties and cities, Hsinchu City ranked first with a total contract amount of NT$6.3 billion, Hsinchu County ranked second with NT$4.4 billion.  Among the 139 PPP projects, 87 of them are in accordance with the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects (hereinafter called the PPP Act) and created NT$56.6 billion in investment, doubling the NT$28.3 billion of 2021, and marking the highest investment amount in the past decade. The top 5 cases with a total contract amount of NT$34.24 billion accounts for about 60% of the PPP contracted amount. (See attached table.)  The Ministry of Finance stated that Private Participation in Public Projects has become an essential part of government administration in recent years. Both central and local governments are working hard to accelerate the construction of infrastructure and welfare facilities while improving service quality. The PPP Act was promulgated by the President on December 21, 2022 to optimize the legal environment. Amendments include new infrastructure projects like audiovisual and music facilities, green energy facilities, resource recycling and reuse facilities, and digital infrastructure, and are expected to expand the scope of PPP cases. Government acquisition of public services with compensation and the contract dispute resolution have been added to reduce the risk of PPP projects, and accelerate the resolution of disputes. In 2023, it is estimated that over NT$170 billion private investment will be offered, with NT$70 billion in PPP projects. PPP projects include green energy facilities, medical facilities, long-term care, and reclaimed water. The partnership between the public sector and private investors is sure to create success. Press Release Contact: Section Chief Huang Chien-Chin, Section Chief Chuang Ching Contact number: +886-2-2322-8214、+886-2-2322-8460 Top 5 PPP Investment in Infrastructure Projects As of February 14, 2023 Project Investment Amount (NT$billion) Competent Authority Private Institution The Build-operate-transfer (B.O.T.) Project of Taichung Municipal General Hospital 15.7 Taichung City Government China Medical University Uni-President Enterprises Corp. The BOO project of large-scale logistics center in Xinshi District, Tainan 5.4 Ministry of Economic Affairs Uni-President Express Corp. The Industry-University Collaboration and Alumni Suites BOT Project for National Taipei University—MingShen Campus 5.06 Ministry of Education Hon Hui Min Sheng Co., LTD. BTO Project of Kaohsiung City Ciaotou Reclaimed Water with Private Participation 4.11 Kaohsiung City Government HDEC (Ciaotou) Corporation Reclaimed Water Build-Transfer-Operate(BTO) Project of North District Water Resources Recycling Center in Taoyuan 4 Taoyuan City Government Bao Ding Reclaimed Water Co., Ltd. Total 34.24      

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